Mortgage Originators CALL TO ACTION

Want to gain some business on a Saturday?

Have a turn down file from 6-12 months ago?  Call those clients back, 99% of the time, if the denial was credit related, there is a chance that the client took your advice to improve their credit.  I see this all the time, LO’s forget to call them back down the road.  Go through all those files from last year on one Saturday afternoon and make a list of people to call.   Bet you find a deal you were waiting on the client to fix their credit any how.

Want to gain some business on a Sunday?

Got a lot of Brokers that are like the “good ole Boys” and many in my network are Church bound on Sunday morning.  Or most have a routine at least that may include a social setting.  What I suggest is to get out of your comfort zone, the best part of what we do is helping people you know in your community.  How much did it cost to “advertise” on the church program they hand out at the end?  Or when was the last time your pastor mentioned more about a member of the church and what they do in efforts to give back?  Most Churches even have one of those “pin up” boards right when you walk in.  Or even your local ACE Hardware store, they have pin up boards for homeowners to check out as they buy things they need to improve their homes.

Call to Action

**Think demographics, where can you leave your card to have the most impact to homeowners, a place where they all go on Sunday (coffee shops are popular, I don’t know many renters that go to church)?

Or Think how can I “advertise” for cheap regardless of my ROI…. Bowling Alleys are great, ask a local bar if they have any advertisements over the stalls, GOLF COURSES are actually a good place to do pin up flyer type thing for free, or how about a laundry spot in the local chain of Apartment complexes or the common area (They always have one of those pin up boards basically empty)…. Pin up some cards or a flyer somewhere Free.  The more acts like this that help plant seeds for you now the more leads you “could” have in months to come.. Who knows someone that calls you or you call back may have a 580+ FICO now that can help them become Home owners!

*Who knows you won’t win the lottery if you don’t play. – JUICEMAN

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