People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan

What’s your MO?  Most companies or sales organizations have an inherent feeling of helping other people or satisfying a need or want somehow.  And the fuel of the sales force is from offering the world class customer service or added value with their product.  In the mortgage industry most of the top Loan Originators have an inherent feeling of success in helping people buy a home or save money for example.  In my role as an AE, I really strive and stem from the same inherent feeling of success in helping others achieve the dream of home ownership but do it in bulk.  And as I do, I help LO’s across the Nation learn how to get loans done.  Part of my MO, is that I actually help my Broker network create a business plan to drum up business to send me.  I just don’t ask what’s on the corner of your desk?  By doing so I get the inherent feeling of helping other’s grow a BUSINESS in the mortgage industry.  This year more than ever before I’ve helped LO’s go from 2-3 loans a month to doing 6-8 a month.  I’ve done this by helping “create business plans” for LO’s to succeed in any RATE ENVIRONMENT.  Now’s the time to get on board and plant the seeds with pillars that help the mortgage industry, rates are going up, and the “low low rate” sale is going out the door.  I can help any mortgage company create campaign’s for a successful ROI in any area.  Call me let’s partner together.  Below is an example of how during the year you could do different campaigns to help plant those seeds for future business.  (without buying leads)

The goal would be to diversify your Pillar relationships with small “activities” that can drum up business for you.  Pillar relationships can be for mortgage professionals; Real Estate Agents / CPA’s / Financial Advisors / Business Groups / Chamber of commerce membership / Divorce Attorney’s / Home Builders / Insurance Agents to name a few.  I have detailed a generic version that may help; call me we can custom tailor one for your mortgage shop. 🙂

Jan – Feb 2016.  This is great time to start networking with a new business marketing group.  LBN (Local Business Networking) is an example, more than likely there is a one near you.  Get involved, you can’t expect leads when you go 1 or 2 times.  You have to go for a while get involved, and provide leads to others too.

March- June 2016.  This is a great time to start networking with builders as the ground becomes soft, RE agent networking for purchase season, and title/escrow companies to prepare for the upcoming purchase season.

July – August 2016.  Great time to be networking with literally all pillars including insurance agents and financial advisors.  Remember escrow/title relationships can service you with info on whom bought houses cash too.  (Delayed Financing exemption loan campaign is great).  Remember consistency is key to be going and showing face at the networking groups you signed up with at the beginning of the year.  Stay active.

Sept- October 2016.  This is the time to market to CPA’s, they are past tax season, back from their summer vacation and in the office to round up by OCT 15th all those that file extensions.  Also a great time of year to hit up past cleints from the year before.  (most successful past client campaign marketing results happens at the last quarter)

Nov – December 2016.  This is a great time to touch base with Divorce Attorney’s as a result of the end of the year being their “busy” time.  Every state has different guidelines on the wait for Divorce to be finalized after being filed, but it is historic info that shows during the holiday’s is when more people file for divorce.  Get in front of them now, then in mid purchase season next year they are done with the (6 month wait) and the divorce is final.  Somebody is needing to split assets, and it’s always great to have a pipeline full of purchases supported by a few cash-outs’ or refi’s in the pipeline.  So in July the work with networking can pay off.  Campaign’s thanking past clients and following up for referrals is most effective in the last quarter of the year.

Marketing 101, some of these things every LO was taught or heard someone say to them at one point.  Now let’s create a plan of attack to do marketing activities on these target Pillars, or create a campaign directed to a particular target market.  People don’t plan to fail they fail to plan.  Let’s build something together, 2016 is going to be just as “fruitful” as 2015 was EVEN IN A RAISING RATE ENVIRONMENT.  You just have to plant the right seeds for success.  The difference between who you are and who you want to be, all comes down to WHAT YOU DO!  Here to help add value to you and help you sustain in the mortgage industry for years to come.  Partner with Motive, Partner with Me.  Make it Easy, Make it Motive.

In the office helping other’s get loans done all day; If you want any type of a Free Strategy session let me know.  If you are closing 3 Million a month and are not afraid to spend money to make money, call me.  I have something for those warriors.  – JUICEMAN

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