Who is this Shawn, “I got a guy” guy?

Who is this “I got a guy” guy?  Who is http://www.themortgagejuiceman.com?

WHO is this Shawn “Juiceman” Devlin? A top producer at some mortgage company?

Nope. I once was, I did “been there done that”, but did retail and did it subprime. So I learned the hard way.  I learned actually how to read a title report and appraisal or inspection. Took a 1003 the long hand way without all the software we have now days.  I hit the cowbell 7 times in one day on multiple occasions. We would ding a bell when a “book” came back with all the TILA/RESPA disclosures with supporting income & assets for a mortgage application to be submitted.  The most mortgages I wrote in one day seemed to never go past 7… I just stayed consistent. And I have got boxes full of awards collecting dust. lol

So, where do I come from. Well in 1997, I walked into a car dealership a week from graduating high school from my small hick town. Went to a main street big city dealership with a smile, a suit, a great attitude and shit load of enthusiasm. Dressed in a suit with a clip board in hand holding my resume. I was there to report to the parts department regarding some clerical position I found in a Sunday news classified section. No shit. I can’t make this up. What happens next CHANGED MY DESTINY. And as I stood there in the middle of the showroom floor waiting holding a clip board in a suit, all the sales guys were smurking at me. I walked over the purple Plymouth Prowler in the middle of the show room floor and picked up the window sticker that wasn’t on the window but the front seat.  I placed it on clip board and started reading and going through in my mind what and where each thing noted was.  18′ Rims yada yada… All the sudden in deep reading a guy walks over with jeans with a hole in the knee and a white stained t-shirt.  The T-shirt had red stains on it that I just ignored and offered a warm enthusiastic hello.. Thinking I was waiting for him, not he was waiting for me…

In the proceeding next 4 or 5 minutes every sales person, parts person, clerical person watched me walk this guy around the car and do a formal 5 point touch.  (walking through each aspect of the car) With exception of actually sitting in it, starting it and driving it… I painted this guy the picture of the PURPLE Prowler going down his drive way.  When he asked me “how much does it cost?”, all I could do is smile and say actually, “I don’t work here!”.  KID YOU NOT.  I will never forget the next moments as the hand that touched my shoulder says “sure you do” why don’t you come in my office to the customer and I.  We walked into his office and the owner of 6 different chains of Marco’s Pizza buys it cash, and I get the “job”.

So that’s how I entered the world of sales.  And bought my first motorcycle.  lol. Key here; Enthusiasm is the key to persuasion without pressure.  Now I help others take 1003’s (Mortgage applications) and close home loans with my Motive-ating team.  Today I offer free consultations to LO’s to know how to drum up business.  I do free strategy sessions almost every day.  I do this all the time and coach broker owners to individual LO’s and help them add value to their clients and help them find more clients to help.  And as a result I have a ton of LO’s across the Nation that call me when ever they have a question that starts with “I got a guy…”  I’ve become a go to JUICEMAN for guidelines and tips to generate mortgage referral business and ways to put together mortgage loans.

My call to action today, is to like;


My call to action today, is to join;


I will share what I see as PROBLEMS all the time in the mortgage origination world and provide solutions to these common problems.  I will share best practices, origination tips, networking, ways to handle objections, and ways to actually DRUM UP BUSINESS.  Hit me up with your next “I got a guy” question. I can’t wait to help to be your Juiceman.  – Shawn “Juiceman” Devlin




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