Are you the “sales badass” you think you are?

Are you the “sales badass” you think you are?

Part of my continued education into the new year was to commit myself on working on SALES.  I’ve been reading more books (heck I haven’t picked up a book in a hot second), I’ve been researching BADASS sales organizations and looking for ways to copy, make myself DUPLICATEABLE as well hone in on my own strengths and expand my own horizon again on the very skill that I have that pays my bills.  $$SALES$$

Like professional athletes they train their muscles and expand their skills by practicing their craft.  Let me ask you, when was the last time you PRACTICED a close.  Or watched a video on strengthening relationships in sales or did an elevator speech in front of a crowd just to perfect it?  Most sales people think they do this every day while “working”.   When was the last time you flexed your muscles and handled more than 5 objections with one client, and asked for the sale more than 5 times?  In a lot of sales I see it’s about relationships in my world and a great bit of knowledge on guidelines and a great support staff at Motive Lending that allows me to offer what I can for my group.  But a lot of what I do is follow up, calling the “key contacts” that I have in Broker shops across the Nation.  Almost 100 accounts right now.  And that makes the exposure and amount of time I need to call through those contacts a LAW OF AVERAGE for me.  The more I call (about 5 times) and attempt to add value answer guideline questions and get a loan to help close and make them money, the more loans I get.  LAW OF AVERAGE is different for everyone.  When was the last time you evaluated your LOA?  Can you increase it by “working your muscles”?

Being prepared, having a plan as well as the RESOURCES to back you is all it takes.  I recently have done more on FB with sales and am looking to do a lot more in creating my business on FB this year.  While LINKEDIN is like flexing my muscles for me to do research on people, and news, I then apply my knowledge on FB and these two definitely play a role together.  More and more I see how FB especially those sales B2C are so beneficial of having SOME SYSTEM of duplication on FB to cash in on.  That actually DRIVES PEOPLE wanting your service directly to you.  Not just networking, I mean funnels to leads for borrowers’ LOOKING FOR MORTGAGES right through FB and that lead instant messages you.  Or want to BUY A CAR for example. Or NEED HEALTH INSURANCE TODAY.  Just about everything including SEO to GRAPHIC DESIGN can benefit from having FB drive business to you. Even B2B sales can benefit.  If you have taken me up on any FREE strategy sessions and are up to implementing action plans that can drive people to you call me, I have something for you heavy hitters.

Are you the “sales” badass you think you are?

Holly smolly.  But on FB it’s more like HOLLY F*&^% SH*&, these sales groups and those doing this right make those on LinkedIn look like elementary school kids.  The groups I’ve seen that have some major players in sales known Nationally are KILLING IT>  And they show you how to do this.

Today network with me, The Mortgage Juiceman Group .I have gained over 10 leads for mortgages in just 2 days and passed them out.  But reason I suggest to do so is for support.  The questions above all stem to having some real support on a “live” objection a sales person has 10 minutes ago and then has instantly 100’s of responses from people that could help the person rehash his client so to speak.  Totally wow’d on the power social media has for those who work it right.  What I ask today is have you researched this?  Are you flexing your relationship muscles, studying your products, actually practicing your closes?  And what BADASS SALES QUESTIONS can you ask to gain a sale today?  When was the last time you practiced your pitch?  – JUICEMAN

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