Motive-ating VA Products

We are happy to be “Shielding” your loans against overlays…Motive-ated to offer the TRUE VA IRRRL.  And a new announcement.  Looks like some House bill was potentially passed through Senate and the President Obama may sign it.  It reverses the loan limits of VA loans.  Meaning there is no loan limits on VA loans and would allow 100% Financing.  Way to MOTIVE-ATE the VA Product.  This will help a ton of Vet’s that in certain areas have loan limits and that Vet is made to put a portion of some odd fraction equation together to the table.  (lol, Broker’s ask me loan amounts/loan limit and max loan amount calcs on VA all the time)

MOTIVE LENDING is a superior company in the VA product arena that goes by guidelines, allows for LP or DU approvals, and we will “Shield” your file from overlays.

IF your a Broker sending a check at the beginning of the year for 100 dollars to your lenders arsenal for sponsorship of VA products, LET’S MAKE MOTIVE LENDING one of them.  Applications to partnership with MOTIVE LENDING ARE FREE.

Contact me today.  Fill out the VA sponsorship with MOTIVE LENDING> Some BIG BIG changes “could” be finalized soon.  Make it Easy, Make it Motive!


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