Believe in Better

Lesson One; Believe.

Your imagination along with positive thoughts can quite often produce the right reality to match your wildest dreams.  MILLIONAIRES Believe, have faith, constantly tell themselves in thoughts and deep within their heart with positive repetition that they can do something.  Thoughts negative or positive grow stronger with repetition.  Many of the things that I have started on my dream space collage that I made as a kid.  Everything I have started as a dream or thought.  Now today in professional sales I do this all the time.

My LEGACY; I am the possibility of people living the life they desire, through positive thinking, dreaming big, having blind faith and in the pursuit of sharing success with others.  MY GOAL IS TO SHARE HOW TO’s that are NOT TAUGHT in grade school or college classrooms.

I am a master a sales, and want to help others in sales take concepts, skills, and actions and bring them to life.  The first thing to remember about this is how to channel positive energy and thoughts and bring them to life.  Lesson One; If you think positive, positive things will happen to you.  If you think negative, negative things will happen.  If you constantly envision a positive plan to better yourself and write down your goals, you will get there.  Have faith in believe in the end before you get there.

I have heard a thousand times, these leads are terrible.  So picture the prospect picking up the phone so you can see they are a potential customer.  THIS IS NUMBER 1.  I can’t tell you how many times I smiled and dialed some mortgage lead that was saturated by other telemarketers for months, but envisioned the YES before the call, and guess what happened, I wrote that mortgage.  Have faith, and belief in your goal, this is step one in sales, tell yourself that client will pick up and you will have a great conversation before you even dial.  Envision it.  Believe.  It will help your goals and dreams come alive.

AFTERNOON JUICE ON A MONDAY / Motive – Where we believe in Better. – Juiceman

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