Whom am I you ask?  I am the mortgage JUICEMAN.  I have a big foot print in sales of all types.  Specifically mortgage origination.  I once wrote 47 mortgage loans in one month.  The first car I ever sold was a Plymouth Prowler (great story if you ever want to know how I entered the world of sales), and I have grown many different teams of sales people.  I have developed training for Loan officers and help mortgage companies double in size.

What do I do best?  I help Loan Officers grow their business.  I consistently give out major JUICE to help with handling objections, to options to pitch a client.  I help Loan Officers put together loans, take a full 1003 asking the best questions, and gain approvals through automated underwriting systems like DU or LP.  Now more than ever before especially with this main stream media you are reading, I brand and teach other’s how to do the same thing.  I help custom tailor business plans for Mortgage companies across the US all the time.  In my position I’ve heard not only all the objections to doing a mortgage but see and hear all the PROBLEMS with loans.  What I do is share and provide solutions and help everyone succeed. Then my MOTIVE-ATING team of underwriters helps me close the loans of the partners I have all across the US.

Why should you work with me?  I AM FOR HIRE.  For any Mortgage company with engaging Loan Officers that want close more loans and know how they can drum up more business two ways.  1. The organic way.  The way of referrals.  I can show examples and ways to drum up business by moving your two feet, or picking up the phone more effectively with targeted marketing campaigns.  Watch one of my video’s I put together on Friday for my infamous “weekend call to action”. for example.  2. I have ways on social media to even lead buys where you can spend money to make money with high ROI.  Weather it’s a social media funnel that directs the consumer right to you, or a lead buy service for live calls, I help mortgage LO’s grow their business.  Partner with my team and I, we will add more value to your company by being responsive, answering guideline questions and helping your team get paid on loans.

Partner with Motive Lending and THE MORTGAGE JUICEMAN, I  am a different kind of Account Executive.  I can even provide leads to brokers.  And do it all the time for those in my core groups.  What value does your AE give your Loan Officers?

-Call the JUICEMAN today for a free partnership for 12 months.  I will earn the right to stay in your lender arsenal.

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