Impulses to buying

To sell something really anything you have to know your audience.  Most then don’t fit them into some category to help aid an Impulse for a buy as quickly as others.  This is a sales skill that develops over time at any place.  And the top 5% producers at any sales company have it down “canned”.  Responses that appeal to one of these impulses or multiple ones and then drive it home for the sale.  They are; Fear of loss; Urgency; Greed; Indifference.  These are the things that make up FUGI.  And is an acronym that all in sales should know.  These are IMPULSES that help a client buy.  Understanding them and then applying this while selling will help you actually SELL.  Or at least know how to respond in the act of pitching your product.

Fear of loss is a big one.  Fear of loss and missing out on the lowest rate is akso the “why” when someone is shopping you.  Urgency is created with a LIMITED AMOUNT OF TIME or LIMITED NUMBER of widgets for example.  But how many of you mortgage experts push this, it seems NOBODY PUSHES URGENCY like they should.  Loans shouldn’t take 30-45 days to close.  Rates change daily, did you forget this?  Greed is playing on what got the clients in this mental state.  They want what the “Jones’s”have, the low low rate talked about at the water cooler at work.  Then there is Indifference.  Indifference is where the consultative sale is.  The key to indifference is asking questions, and using the information to guide your sale.

People buy from people they TRUST.  In order to get them to trust you, they have to like you.   So be personable, relate to them.  HECK MIRROR them if you can.  I once wrote a loan at Quickenloans because the man thought I was a woman.  Seriously, I spent hours on the phone with the wife upfront and she knew I was a guy.  She just let me know how to appeal to the husband.  I never told him otherwise, he just thought I was a girl because I appealed to those wants he was looking for.  He found out after we closed, he he…

To get people to trust you on the phone use this technique to get them to like you, it’s called FORM… Family, Occupation, Recreation, and Motivation.  These topics can expand to other things, but is the root of what to talk about.  NEVER TALK POLITICS or RELIGION on a sales call.. Golden rule.  Now today appeal to those impulses sent to you over the phone or in person and address the prospects questions and concerns, paint pictures and respond with energy & enthusiasm.  TODAY I WILL POST A BUNCH OF OBJECTION RESPONSES TO MORTGAGE OBJECTIONS ON MY FACE BOOK GROUP.  My ask is to follow me if you haven’t already.

The Mortgage Juiceman Group

-The Mortgage Juiceman

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