The second step in sales besides knowing how to vision the yes through belief is to handle the ask for more information.  This is often called objections in the sales world.  It’s really the prospect asking for more information.  View it that way.  The best TRICK with any objection is to stop and rephrase the “objection” as a question in your head and then answer it.

There are THREE (3) main reasons why someone objects to something.  1; To DEFEND themselves.  2; It’s a VALID EXPRESSION of where they are in life. 3; They are FEARFUL. Yes, they could be that broke.  Yes, they could be having a bad day and your timing is off selling them whatever, or it is fear and they may not see the value your adding.

Remember people buy from people they like.  So stand up if you sell over the phone, MOTION CREATES EMOTION.  Too many times I’ve done a sales seminar or free strategy sessions with Brokers and Mortgage telemarketers and they don’t have any type of persona while on the phone… they sound like plain Jane.  WHAT?  Your in the telemarketing sales and you don’t have a PHONE CHARACTER that you develop while on the phone? How do you get people to like you with such a silent “charm”?  Create that energy, create that phone voice that is fun to work with and others will be receptive.  Smile as you do it, even if it’s over the phone, it’s amazing how others can “see” it.  And respond to objections with energy and with enthusiasm.

ENTHUSIASM is the key to persuasion without pressure.  Minimize your objection time and work the head not the wallet.  Do this by selling value to the client first, ask questions to uncover their wants and then fulfill them with your product or service.  99% of the time a sale is made, either they buy from you or you bought why they can’t.  That’s why the best of the best sales people tell lots of stories.  FACT TELL< STORIES SELL.  Paint a picture with your client while answering their questions and presenting value.  Assume the sale, paint the picture of better credit and less monthly payments, paint the picture of the new house with a red door and blue shutters.  The use of painted pictures in sales should help describe in more detail your products/services and values or your clients using them.

One of the best “canned objection” responses is that of FEEL, FELT, FOUND.  This technique can uncover the real objection fast (if there is one) and help you be a natural at adding value, answering their need for more info and paint a picture to aid the sale.  Telling the client you understand how they FEEL, it helps them see you are not emotionless.  Telling the client you’ve FELT that same way, or add familiarity in some way.  Then tell a story of how you FOUND a solution to X Y OR Z as their concern that will help you portray the added value in your pitch.

Happy selling this afternoon, I’m posting a bunch of “canned responses” to various mortgage objections all day on the face book group, THE MORTGAGE JUICEMAN GROUP


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