You have a client on the fence and you stop pitching and be personable.  TELL them about a sales contest going on, tell them about your CULTURE.  The “pillars” as I think Dan Gilbert “branded” across the mortgage industry, are these foundations of “client centered focus and service” that most companies in the mortgage industry have plastered on orange walls somewhere.  **Note to self, paint walls.  Motive does have pillars much like other past workplaces of mine such as UWM.  The area in Detroit is saturated with high end mortgage company training dominance and the training most LO’s/AE’s come out of in this area are of top notch.  Much love to my man Toe-Knee Knuckles.  Same with Matt Boshi at UWM.  Stellar coaches.  Most great coaches will tell you sell yourself.  Selling your company and their values is a part of that.

BUT in all the hard work in the call centers, you must ignore the noise, and take the roast out of the oven with intent to do the right thing…lol… These PILLARS are your BEST SALE and sit right in front of you.  Share your pillars with others in your sales today in whatever you do.  Remember in my article Believe In Better I say the first step is to BELIEVE.  And part of having that belief in sales is leaning on the “Pillars” that founded your CULTURE.

AT MOTIVE LENDING our pillars are AACC.  Accountability, Accessibility, Communication, and Consistency.  My management does the best job Motive-ating these through the company.  And live up to our pillars we stand for.  Love how Motive does this.  And today at the END of the month the time when relationships and timelines are tested, it’s with great pleasure that I get to lean on the foundations of Motive.

Sell well today, sell your CULTURE and Pillars you stand for! – Juiceman

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