How to have a lucrative sales career.

The most successful people in America are those that pay themselves first. That means they implement and take action to create results. In the SALES WORLD the best sales career’s are broken down into a few categories and almost always follow a similar theme. That theme is a TREND, or long term value through the use of services or products that are capable of being bought multiple times. The most successful income stream to make is one that has some type of residual component. Weather based on a service relationship monthly, or a consumable product that is reordered. The theme that is shared here is the impact for supply/demand is commonly found in following trends. SO BEFORE YOU GO AND SIGN UP TO SELL ANYTHING READ THIS.

Some of the biggest Trends in SALES COMPANIES now are health and wellness, energy, pharmaceutical, mortgage, real estate, insurance, consumable drinks (energy, water, beer, coffee etc), and fast food franchises just to name a few. Which one is best to make multiple six figures is up to you. The concept I illustrate here is that these “trends” are marked for a reason. When gold goes up, someone makes money. When the value of the dollar goes down, someone makes money. (Millions, and it happens daily).

So following the right “trends” is key to success in making a brand awareness campaign, or drawing traffic to sell whatever you sell. The baby boomer generation is a great first example. They lead the pack in setting “trends” that dictate what marketers should sell to them. Demand rules. So lead with that. If Real Estate is hot in your area why not do it? Why not get in while’s it hot? It’s never to late to start “SELLING SOMETHING THAT PAYS YOU COMMISSION”. What about one of those health lotions and potions companies people hear about called PYRAMID schemes and helps you look younger, healthier etc. Proven with testimonials the products can extend life in plants. Why not humans. I’m not a scientist, but I know of several that do this. It’s amazing stuff, and hear about people losing weight to building muscle’s. To even the younger crowd. MY POINT IS IT’S A TREND. Holly cow how many exercise P90X versions of hyped up dance routines are we going to see? Lol… Remember the purple dress? Or was is black or silver?

Trends are easy to identify, and if you SELL SOMETHING THAT FOLLOWS A HIGH DEMAND OR IS A CURRENT TREND, the ability to move on to the second step of positioning yourself to win.

There are a couple of key concepts to grasp here. Look nothing sometimes really needs to be ORIGINAL. It can be other people’s IDEAS. Be careful as I always say, if those that you are taking an “opinion” from do not have what you want, why are you letting it bother you? You have to be THICK SKINNED in life. Heck especially in SALES. Vacuum sales man, to the door to door meat guy. You got to grow some GRIT about you, a swagger of confidence that portrays your belief in whatever your message is. (Selling whatever you do_) The sales concept is to pick a trend and then plug into a system of duplication that is already set up. RESEARCH the sales company and know what values they provide. Know how the potential sale can be repeated.

So consumables example, Lotions and potions, (health and wellness) get used up and need to be reordered. Even if you don’t sell anything, you can order the same thing yourself that your already using and share that ability to do so with others at a discounted price with more value. IF THAT PRODUCT OR SERVICE is already something you pay for monthly, why not find a sales company that allows you to make money using it. WHY not have a residual aspect of sharing that discounted plan to someone you know and create a big funnel of business on which you get paid. Let’s say for cell phone service that you pay for monthly. Instead of paying Verizon your money, why not pay about the same to some company that you SELL CELL PHONE SERVICE TOO, that allows you to get paid on that service every single month from the existing sales you’ve already made. Just a thought. Or how about GYM MEMBER SHIPS. This was a common TREND in the recent past. Saturated now I think. Pharmaceutical companies are a dream sales career. They pay a lucrative base and commission structure on the sales you get monthly from pharmacy’s for example. Would’ve loved to been a rep for Viagra, lmao. Again they sell on pharmacist and they re-order all the time. What about mortgages and Real Estate another TREND that makes the most money… Well Car sales like Mortgages have a longer cycle of which they can be re-ordered. So as a result, following this “trend” is a result of success of marketing and demand for what your selling. Well they have been in the top areas to make sales and income for a long long time. The point is to find a company that has a SYSTEM all set up so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Look for a great CULTURE to work at. Seriously the office walls are normally of color and not just plain white. There are obvious signs of success around you, and more than one car in the parking lot is one you wish to drive. Look for a system that promotes growth within, and look for a COMMISSION PLAN that allows you to do one of several things;

1. That pays you on developing a relationship with the end user. I know NO ONE that is successful that doesn’t sell something without the inherent feeling of HELPING OTHER PEOPLE! So may be a good idea to make sure your product does that in one way or form. Then as you develop the relationship perhaps that SAME SALE is just repurchasing an amount that you generate commission on. THE BEER GUY EXAMPLE> I live in a nice area a suburb of Detroit and there is a “high end” Beer Wine and Liquor store that sells all the rare wines, and special brews. The wholesale rep for some beer company is always there with a clip board going over a new order. I kid you not. The idea is that you have something that is used up, when is the next time you can “resell” that person? 7 Years down the road, 4 years down the road? How about every Quarter can you resell them your product? Do they pay for the service monthly and you get paid? Once you find one OR TWO OR THREE different companies that have a system in place for you to duplicate and see results all you need to do is COPY SOMONE ELSES IDEAS.

2. Look for a commission plan that allows you to not only get paid every time the sale occurs, but allows you to GROW A TEAM to leverage your efforts. THIS CONCEPT ALONE IS HOW THE RICH GET RICHER. They leverage their efforts on others or leverage their efforts by making their money work for them. To say they delegate is an understatement. For example you BOUGHT THIS TRAINING or were GIVEN IT FREE as way for me to show you value in the concepts of SALES. How many different sales companies do you think I belong too that allow me to leverage my efforts off of something that other people use monthly and just need to be reordered, or perhaps is a service to business partners that they use monthly multiple times? So any one client I have can have 10 sales in one month or more to me. It is through the business relationship that I create residual income as an ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE FOR A MORTGAGE WHOLESALER. I DO HOME LOANS IN BULK. So each month many of my broker partners may use me for my underwriting services to complete a loan or two or three. And I teach them how to drum up business in a total SEPARATE TRAINING THAN THIS. I HAVE A LOAN PROCESSOR TRAINING, I TEACH LOAN OFFICERS HOW TO PUT TOGETHER LOANS AND MARKET TO GAIN THEM. I HAVE A SEPARATE TRAINING FOR MORTGAGE ACCOUNT EXECUTIVES TO HELP GROW THEIR BUSINESS. I SELL HEALTH AND WELLNESS NUTRITION FOR WEIGHT LOSS BECAUSE I LOOK TO HELP OTHERS THAT CARE ABOUT THEIR HEALTH. TO FOLLOW A TREND, TO SELL IN REAL ESTATE, SELL SOMETHING ONCE TO HAVE MULTIPLE SALES and DOING IT MULTIPLE WAYS. The most successful sales folk do not just have ONE stream of income.

3. Look for a support system in sales companies, the tools they offer to help you have “ammo” to add value to those you serve.  Look for a system of duplication as I said, but utilize these concepts of OPE/OPI/OPM. Which is other peoples efforts, ideas and money. Money in the wealthy community just makes their money work for them. IT CREATES TIME! OPI is training and information that will help you see the same success as the top sales guy there. OPE is the ability to build other people in some way shape or form. Some people don’t want to “manage” others. But there is a way to leverage your efforts to create time without managing someone. Which is the last aspect of looking for something to sell, that can have a residual effect when that one sale pays you MORE THAN ONCE. Hence leveraging your efforts to get more done and creating time. Either through automation on individual sales following a popular trend with high demand or that relationship or service paying you over and over for the first single sale. (insurance for example). Once you create “time” and a “money” machine that works even when you are NOT working. That is when you create successful sales career..

I recently saw a very wise old salesman jump into a facebook commentary and note “A Sale is NEVER CLOSED”. That is correct. This follows the gold rule of marketing, that it is cheaper to sell something to an existing client than to find a new one. That is the concept that makes SALES THE TOP PAYING PROFESSION IN THE NATION. Once you find your product/service to sell weather you use up yourself or believe in it, or care about that product/service, do it to inherently feel great about helping other people, then you will succeed. Nobody care’s about how much you know until they know how much you care. Believe in something that you sell, that helps you plug into a system that you can get paid multiple times on one sale. Then hopefully you can share your success with others and show them how to get paid too. And then get paid when they get paid. Growing a sales volume with an override. I’ve been in sales leadership positions where the value I placed to other’s helped them make a sales, so in turn I got paid when they made a sale, along with myself leading by example.

The biggest part of MY SUCCESS was choosing GREAT COMPANIES to WORK for, that have an engaging CULTURE, a great COMP plan with some residual component, and the ability to duplicate yourself and build a team to leverage your efforts. Then I always have a great attitude, I take action, even if I fail, I get up faster than everyone else around me. MY ATTITUDE AND EFFORT ALWAYS SEEM TO SHINE. No matter where I worked I always felt like I worked the LOA harder than anyone else. As a result my attitude was of “can do” and my results always followed my effort. It’s a numbers game, plug and play as I say.

Bottom line in reading this, I hope you seek out a sales company that follows a trend or high demand product or service and one sale can be made into multiple reoccurring sales. If you are lucky and good at leading by example maybe they have a culture you like and they promote within and you grow to become a National Sales Manager yourself! Find a way to teach others your success tips and tricks along the way. THEN ONCE YOU FIND A COMPANY AND COMMIT THE ONLY OTHER ADVICE IS TO MAKE YEAR ONE THE FOUNDATION. GO ALL OUT! The idea is I hope you sell something that allows you to create a residual component to it that allows you to enjoy life and create TIME for your FAMILY AND LOVED ONES. Sell well. – JUICEMAN

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