**#1 JUST GOT JUICED – USDA PRODUCT ENHANCEMENT-620+ FICO now allowed/Residual income need removed, DTI overlay removed, WE MADE IT EASY and underwrite to USDA requirements.

10.       We allow Brokers to order their own 4506-t results from any major 3rd party vendor and submit for their loans.  (Must be direct from IRS)  Do you use, Data verify, or CBC Innovis to pull credit?  And have the option to obtain transcripts directly from them for your clients?  IF so, submit it in the loan we can use them.

9.       We allow Brokers to “Switch” from Lender Paid commission to BORROWER PAID commission in the middle of a loan (as long as CD isn’t disclosed) to reduce the costs for a borrower.  The act of closing loans did not change based on TRID.

8.       We allow Brokers to disclose a CD prior to being clear to close so you can start the 3 day wait ahead of time.  (Account Managers must have fees accurate)

7.       We have 18 AMC’s on our approved panel, which one is best for your clients is up to you to pick

6.       We allow loans to be submitted, either Broker disclosed (where you send in all pages of application package) or Lender disclosed (where we send the disclosures to your client for you).

5.       We go by Findings and allow manually underwritten loans for FHA/VA currently.  Let’s get a loan done today!

4.       We allow Brokers to talk directly with underwriters.  In fact I have my own team, and not only do I want you to talk to them, but I want you to develop a relationship with them.

3.       We allow Brokers to RAPID rescore credit and will use your credit report from any Fannie Mae approved vendor.  Never let a lender pulled credit report kill your deal.

2.       We allow Brokers to SIGN UP FOR FREE in January.  Add Motive Lending to your lender arsenal, and I will earn the right to stay there inside of 12 months.  (each BP is a 12 month contract that’s why all the lenders ask you to renew)

1.   ME.  Yes I am the biggest advocate in getting loans done.  I know how to steer my massive ship of loans to get to the end result.  CONTACT ME TODAY on any loan questions that start with “I gotta guy”.  My favorite, and the beauty is getting loans done because they are set up right.  I am a master at manipulating DU (even obtained a PROPERTY INSPECTION WAIVER today) and can help you know exactly how to structure your file upfront.  USDA just came out!

Sell Well Today and JOIN the JUICE (Join Us In Creating Excitement)

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