Take your time and take the application correctly

Let’s talk habits!  Do you have a schedule taped to your desk?  Do you have a routine to ensure your LOA habits of successful sales is consistent month in and month out?  Yeah me too…. But, how many of us take the time to do the little things of detail to show the next person in line to execute your sale that there’s no information missing.  What I mean, is more than likely weather you accept credit cards, or have to fill in a “listing” or perhaps an “application” for the actual sale to happen, there is an exchange of information as well.

Some examples are Verification of ID, name, email address, how about how HOW LONG they have worked at any particular place.  And to PROVIDE a full 2 year history and then prove that with supporting documentation.  This is just application taking 101.  Same with Real Estate Agents.  I know they can probably relate with me saying there are listings they look at with their perspective client and then they notice certain info isn’t filled out.  That otherwise would be helpful.  Or there is a “kickback” in your close through the “underwriting” of the clients information and asks for a new card number.  lol.. Concentrate and take a complete app today.  In fact KILL IT, and use every angle to ask for a referral or to take the time to relate to build a relationship.

Take your time and take the “application” correctly.  Then when you get to a LENDER like MOTIVE we can work together to obtain automated approval in my system together.  I am a master at manipulating DU to make loans work.  PERSEVERANCE is the key.  Not in having just successful habits to PROSPECT and OBTAIN INTEREST, but to close the sale completely with all needed information on the basic 1003 for example.  Filling out your “bill of sale” so accurately with certain info it can be cross referenced to reinforce your “marketing” to close a loan on time.  Meaning slam it home.

The reason why some loans close fast and others take a long time, have to do with supporting information not matching the said 1003 application information to begin with.  Hence the condition on your loan that should’ve been addressed at time of application.  Best practice advice, READ your DU findings and use that as a basis to obtain info.  And base your DU information off your accurate 1003.  Be curious, ask as many questions as you can.  I used to make it goal to find out what color someone’s blinds where in their house throughout the application process.  The deeper you go in the application taking process on filling it out correctly, the more opportunity you will have to identify potential issues up front (ex. house not completed and you didn’t know at application).   Heck you better ask WHY, the answer is not to have a lower rate.  They want a lower rate because they need more money.  They need more money cause they are sending a kid to college next year.  That’s a cash out transaction uncovered by the application questions and digging deep.

Best practice tip, application 101, referral opportunity, uncovered true desire, and money in the bank.  All with having successful habits to take your time and uncover your “bill of sales” secret information left commonly blank.  FILL IT ALL OUT JUICY STYLE –

Sell Well today – JUICEMAN

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