The Call Center Energizer

More and more I find ways to always be applying what I have been taught or what I believe and have learned to drive sales success.  The more I manifest my own destiny by taking action the more the power of attraction takes place.  IT’S AWESOME.  And if you’re not doing something to push yourself to see some form of measurable success everyday what are you doing?

I frequently put calls to action in my article’s to engage anyone that reads any post I do.  The number 1 thing that keeps me going everyday to put out VALUABLE content for sales and business people is ENERGY.

No joke, the number one way to succeed at anything is to energize yourself.  I am so good at this.  People tell me they still hear my echo of selling someone on the phone “out side of Jay Farner’s office” or that I am missed in the call center environment all the time when I run into old colleague’s. Some people have the innate ability to Motive-ate others.  It’s the way they “create energy” around them.  That’s a true success trait.  One that is not really taught, but rather developed.  And most sales leaders do this well.

Most top performers in sales also are good at creating energy over the phone.  They develop a persona if you will, that is enjoyable to communicate with.  In a call center I always lead by example, and my effort and attitude was much higher than those around me, I focused on one thing, results.  And I knew if I just put forth the effort sooner or later the LAW OF ATTRACTION (AVERAGES) will play in my favor and I will land a “yes”.  Well I became really good at mirroring my clients, uncovering the true objections or needs by asking questions, and then proposing solutions.  I am hearing impaired if you do not know me.  Yes, I have a 70% loss of hearing and wear over the ear hearing aids.  So part of me “bring the energy” was really just the daily task for me to listen.  I had to concentrate to hear and understand.  So what I became good at in a young age is painting pictures to illustrate my communication.  And what I found out is the more I “did this” in the proposing solutions stage the more convinced borrowers/clients/applications/sales I had. 

The more you make a spin on whatever “mortgage option” your showing your client, that helps feed their inner “energy” to accomplish whatever goal they have in mind, the more success you will see.  Simply put, the more you help others achieve their success the more success you will see.  Bring the energy, be positive, work the law of attraction (LOA), and paint pictures and have fun.  Develop a persona about you that makes others have a memorable experience when working with you.  Then paint a picture ASSUMING OWNERSHIP of whatever your selling/ or trying to do.  If your good at correlating that painted picture at providing a solution to that buyer, the more sales you will see “naturally”.  It’s called the LAW of ATTRACTION.  Try it today 🙂

-Sell Well – JUICEMAN

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