Enter the LUCK of the IRISH

Luck you say?  Luck is in you is what I say..  Luck is the fruits of hard work. The harder you work the luckier you get is the saying.  Well, I will endorse that if the luck your working has to do with the Law Of Averages in sales.

The Law of Averages is just the Luck of the yes’s compared to the no’s.  That’s the end result of you asking for the business over and over.  When I wrote loans, to selling cars, to giving away security systems door to door, no matter what I sold, I got lucky because I worked harder than others around me.

Well, not so sure it was luck.  I just always came with a positive attitude and a want to copy the most successful person in the room.  So I displayed the same amount of energy the top producer had, and then some.  I studied to know ways to “benefit” the prospect. Then when ever I got the chance to deliver one of those “bullets” I studied, I would try.  Over time the more and more I did it, the more and more interest I would gain from the prospect and turn them into a customer.  I got lucky a lot.

From knowing my angles of the sale to having the ability to bond with people, I got lucky when I asked for the sale.  And over time the ratio of no’s to the ratio of yes grew and grew.  My law of averages improved.  Now, some say that’s skill.  Well I didn’t always have that sales swagger, I just didn’t know what I didn’t know.  And as a result I just knew if the top guy/gal was the one to beat, I had to move to do it.  So while everyone else was walking to the next door, I was running three houses ahead.  In stead of taking breaks to think about the next call, I was on a mission.  I pounded the phones.  Instead of waiting for someone to come into the dealership, I was on the internet fishing for prospects to come into the store.  Instead of driving across town to meet a Realtor face to face, I called 20 more.  It all boils down to your effective use of your time “prospecting”.  The harder you work at getting in front of someone to pull out the bullets you have, the more success in sales you will see.  Or Luck shall I say.

There is no magic wand, or a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, just fruits of ACTION.  Action is the things that drives the luck.  And if you are in a hurry to get “lucky” then out call, out knock, out pitch your top guy/gal in the office this week.  The harder you work taking action in sales, the luckier you get.

Sell Well – JUICEMAN

Got an action taking story yourself? Post it on “the mortgage juiceman group” on FB.

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