The Little Leprechaun’s nonverbal way

The little leprechaun’s way (sales pro) of communicating is often the most advantageous of all.  It’s the non-verbal communication queue’s and is often times the most important.  This concept works hand in hand with old saying, “it’s not what is said, but how you say it”.  This involves the nonverbal communication at the time of persuading, and will include but not limited too; body queues like stance, posture, facial queue’s and hand gestures during the act of the communication that will determine the effectiveness of the message.  And ULTIMATELY can impact the created meaning.

In sales of all types and in communication, the little leprechaun (sales person) develops habits of non-verbal queue’s that could help or hurt their intended meaning.  Non-verbally this could be the way a person leans on something, or the way they hold their hands.  It could be through voice inflection as well to stress words.  Over the phone it is easily transposed when someone is smiling. Hence smile and dial :).  Sometimes a message’s content needs to be delivered over the phone or in person to stress importance versus another communication medium.  The nonverbal that accompanies it can be the trick to get the best intended meaning across.  Try non-verbally communicating by placing the widget your selling in the prospects hand, or having them drive home to see how the car fits in the garage. Go deep and have fun with it as you paint pictures and assume ownership.  Nonverbal communication is a great aid to paint the picture of *the client hanging blinds in the new house decorating or *the money saved to be in the bank or help a new purchase.    The best trick to this is get your hands out of your pockets.  Wave at a client, give someone a high five, or even STAND UP when your selling.  Motion creates emotion.

The little leprechaun’s of the world (Sales Professionals) should want to focus in on both the message and the nonverbal queue’s that go a long with it to create it’s intended meaning. This is the act of the presentation, and this is where “practicing” helps to develop those good habits.  Verbal and nonverbal queue’s to communicate go hand in hand.  Nonverbal communication can help reinforce words or show agreement (nod), or even help dictate the emotional state someone is in.  Nonverbal queue’s can provide feedback (thumbs up) or help regulate the flow of communication to signal to the other party when done.  There should be a nonverbal or visual that correlates the meaning of the message delivered verbally every time in sales, in person or over the phone. Try starting with a smile over the phone, trust me it works.  Try this;

As you sell today, paint pictures and use your hands to visually display that picture of your product or service helping your prospect.  The more visual, your verbal and nonverbal’s get working together, the more that client is “actually picturing the end result“.  The painted picture of a new car, new mortgage etc.  Stand up straight, try subconsciously to display the positive, confident, and enthusiastic message with your nonverbal communication in your pitching to sync with your verbal communication.  Remember “Enthusiasm is the key to persuasion without pressure”.  Stand and sell, paint pictures and let your hands help in doing so nonverbally.

Sell Well – JUICEMAN

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