Maybe you’ve heard of this analogy before.  It has to do with setting goals.  Having goals is a key to success and knowing the end vision will help you create smaller goals to help you hit the big one’s.  Goals must be conceptualized and then written down.  Once established then implementing action to hit the goals is key.

Get creative in goal setting and use your imagination.  A lot of millionaire’s visually connect with their goals.  They have a dream space.  A picture of the car they want to buy, or a model car to stimulate their imagination.  It’s funny how I found a old sales book not to long ago and reviewed it’s contents with awe.  I had pictures of a house, a family, an SUV, and various other things on a collage that I made in high school of things I have now.  At one point in my sales career I went to a BMW Motorcycle dealership and had a famous racer sign a poster of the motorcycle I wanted to buy.  I made into a mouse pad, and today, I’ve had that motorcycle for a few years now.

A goal should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely.  A goal should be specific to you, it’s ok to dream a little and shoot for the stars.  That’s why it’s a goal.  Make sure it’s measurable, as I always broke down my commission pay and found out I only needed an extra 2 sales a month to reach my goal in a few months for example.  Goals should be attainable, even if a little stretch, they should also be flexible.  Getting a new Ford Taurus is a little off from a Porsche 911.  However, flexible in that a new family car was needed.  Goals again should be written down and shared with others.  While subconsciously if you make a goal and make it a picture or collage if you will, it can help feed that subconscious part of us.  By seeing that goal everyday on my mouse pad, it enforced the action of making that extra call or two or five.

The difference between the top 5% of any sales team and the other 95% is the goals they have, and how the top performers focus on productivity to get them there.  Not just hope for the production to happen.  The smaller goals help reinforce and bring the bigger goals to life.  Then provide a framework for timing your goals.  Make long term goals 10 years out, then mid-range goals 3-5 years to reach, along with annual goals.  Then break down the activity needed to do quarterly to reach those goals, even monthly to focus on hitting the goals set.  The more you analyze this and break it down.  The more obtainable your goals can be.  Then reinforce those visions with something that can help you see the goals daily.  A dream space collage or picture to help the subconscious mind work with them is best.  The more you do this in life, the more goals you will reach.

This week, as we wrap up the first quarter of 2016, revisit your goals from New Years.  Check to see if you’re on pace to hit them, or perhaps create new one’s that help you achieve your goals.  Then create a dream space to allow yourself to “see” these goals daily.  Heck, at least write it down and place that note in your closet, then as you get dressed re-read what you wrote down everyday.  Subconsciously doing this will embed your dreams and goals in your mind and small things will happen to help you achieve your goals.

Sell Well – Juiceman

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