Attention Real Estate Agents, please help me.

ATTENTION RE AGENTS, I NEED YOUR HELP.  Today, my JUICE (Join Us In Creating Excitement)  is for a call to action from RE Agents.  I encourage LO’s across the Nation to network with Realtor’s for business but have not had the chance to do so on a mass scale myself.  Today I am sending that message.

I AM ASKING RE AGENTS to SHARE my BLOG “The Mortgage Juiceman” dot com, to their favorite Lender today.

WHY?  I can help you get paid by closing more loans.  I am an AE at a National wholesale lender.  What I do daily is teach LO’s how to originate.  In fact I HAVE AN LO TRAINING, a PROCESSOR TRAINING, and an AE TRAINING that I help others in my industry get better at what they do.  By knowing guidelines, and giving tips to ensure the application is done right upfront and your PURCHASES close.  I am a go to guy, whenever the application or credit has blemishes and LO’s have “I got a guy” questions.

I WANT TO BE THAT RESOURCE FOR YOU REALTORS THIS YEAR.  It is my commitment in my endeavor to close more than 100 loans a month this year, to help Realtor’s have the communication they want.  The answers to why sometimes, and the correct expectations with timing due to TRID.  As a liaison between the Broker’s/LO’s and Realtors I’ve found a HUGE GAP in understanding lending laws, to underwriting guidelines and truly having a pre-approval worth accepting an offer on.  And this year I am bridging that gap by being interactive and posting the video’s on what works and what doesn’t.  By networking with more and more RE Agents I am actually helping prescreen borrower’s that Agents have and then getting “leads” for Brokers in my network.

Please reach out to me on FB or LinkedIn and let’s partner together this year.  Share my contact information with your favorite go to Lender/Broker this afternoon.  It could be the referral that pays you on multiple loans this summer.  I am looking to grow my presence in the following states, PA, CA, FL, VA, WA, CO, TX, MO, NJ, GA and MI.  If your in these areas I have Broker’s there, and they are really good.  Not only can I recommend you to one but I want to network with WHO you like as a Lender.  Please help me by referring my info out to your favorite lender today.

-Making a difference in the lending world and helping others make a living by closing more loans.

Shawn Devlin – The Mortgage Juiceman / 586-737-7456 Office Line.

PS. Broker Packages are FREE in the month of March! Let’s get your favorite lender on board and do business together.


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