Happy Good Friday! I HOPE you have a great day!

And a GOOD FRIDAY it is.  Today, weather your bank is closed, or your title company not open, enjoy the time and energy Friday’s create.  For 52 Friday’s a year, ton’s of people carry a high spirit in regards to the day.  It’s funny how a lot of people are energized at the end of the week.  I’m a fan of Monday’s more myself however the energy created on Friday’s is different.  Is it because you’re looking forward to spending time with the kids and family?  It is because you’re anticipating “not working” the weekends? What makes the energy for most is the HOPE they have for the next two days to enjoy.

The most successful people really only rest on Sunday’s and some still spend time thinking and planning their week out about to start.  What ever fuels your energy today, take note of it, and CLONE IT.  Clone that energy somehow in your own mind and attempt to hit the first part of next week with that same energy is what I challenge you.  For those of you in sales of any kind, today’s a great day to ignite your HOPE and write down your goals and dreams to hit for the next quarter.

Today due to the nature of Good Friday, remember to be thankful today and blessed for the things you have.  Today’s Friday is important in that it symbolizes HOPE.  It gives hope in the eyes of those that believe.  Belief in whatever person, or thing you want, it brings Hope.  Today is the day Jesus was symbolically crucified on the cross and walked miles with people stoning him, while wearing a thorn crown and carrying a cross twice as heavy as he weighted.  Today, he dies on the cross theory is, and on Easter Sunday is the third day out when he rose again.  So while out this weekend think HOPE, drive your imagination a little and then carry with it the energy that Friday’s give.  By having hopes and dreams we are alive.  Without them, it’s hard to even set goals to achieve something that you don’t hope to happen.  Think big, and then carry that energy into next week thankful and full of energy.  My hope is that by helping you realize that the energy you create can help custom tailor your hope to happen.

What makes the energy I have?  The HOPE of helping others for me.

Sell Well – JUICEMAN

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