Virtual Business Cards and tracking Referrals

The biggest part of prospecting is getting your name out there.  Most people hand out business cards but they get lost in the trash somewhere down the line.  I’ve done extensive research in the last 30 days on effective business cards and leave behinds for marketing.  And have some really cool results or findings if you will.

The problem with most hand out is the piece of paper doesn’t track when someone looks at it or even gives it to someone else.  And I’ve found this tool is out there.  And is in the form of a phone app that can be on someone’s phone.  Something that most look at 100’s of times a day.  So instead of passing out a card that gets thrown away why not bump iphones and exchange your contact info that shows up on their home screen.  Phone apps are the newest big thing in the form of business contacts and tracking referrals.  The virtual business card is the future of tracking whom looks at your card and can track your client’s sharing your information with their friends, without them even emailing you to tell you. There is even apps for Realtors now that track the open houses someone goes too and allows your clients to make notes on the homes they saw.

Having a business card is great, it makes you feel all powerful and complete.  LOL   However the most effective one’s are not just glossy with your logo on it.  I’ve seen gambling chip cards, business cards that look like money, pen’s with fancy logo’s, and even cards with QR codes that direct your company website to the phone that scan’s it.  However, the newest virtual Business Card is out.  It’s here, and it tracks everything.  It tracks whom shares your card with someone else, to every time a user opens your virtual card on your phone.  And its easy to obtain and can be personalized to contain mortgage calculators or a fill in request form for more info, or even links to your home page or the latest industry news.

And I have access to this now and can share it with you.  Fill in the form below for more information on a virtual business card that helps you gain more business and not lose out on missed opportunities to market someone. This can be used as a CRM for those that actively share their business cards daily but have nothing that tracks this information.  This is the biggest missed opportunity to close more business, especially for sales people.  Now you have something that can remind you to call someone, or let you know when someone clicks on your virtual business card.

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