Sales guru’s and coaches, everywhere

Is it just me or is it that more and more people are showing up on Social Media branding themselves?  Branding that they are an expert.  Or sales guru or coach.  I see this from a stance of new beginning for me, yet again publishing the Mortgage Juiceman. Having stopped was the worst decision I made.  Now being at it again, and executing from a plan of strategy, I see a lot of others all the sudden come out of the wood works and have a shoot from the hip strategy.  Every year on social media this seems to happen for a month or two and then a bunch of people will quit.

Hmmm, makes me think about social proof and what I see from a marketing stand point.  Does that person have a banner, branding that company, how about a facebook fan page?  Does that person have articles or publications that endorse them?  Do you see them on VIDEO, and do they have “authority” in groups or social media platforms.  Do they have social proof of success, perhaps testimonials?  This is all apart of “branding” as a whole. And my message today for all in sales.

If channeled right that authority on social media can be/ and is driven by social proof in the numbers, endorsements, recommendations or even engagements if you will.  Also by having a following in the case of a “raving fan base” is the best form of Social Proof and authority you can create with social media marketing.  For example, I saw a broker not to long ago start using his social media to grow his “brand” and suggested that he create a fan page for his mortgage company and when he posts “testimonials” from closings and positive remarks on his staff, that he place them on that page.  Then share it on his own page with hashtags associated.  That way it gains social media “attention” from followers on the business page, as well as friends on his page.  It would be branded with the social media page, and was a share using a hashtag to help facebook seo so to speak.  So in the case of the building that brand for others to see, the testimonial that was highlighted under the company was foreshadowed (it’s above the shared content) by a short one sentence to promote the success to his friends.  That can even be shared in groups if that business person wanted too that way.  Over time with consistency that broker would create a “brand” following for that company they own.  A raving fan base if you will.  (And they are doing this well).

To go further on creating a following and a band of “raving fans” that promote your product or service, would be creating videos.  Again can be used to highlight testimonials.  I’ve yet to see a mortgage company do this, but a form of this example can be done…A video of perhaps of the LO handing over keys to a house for a client that just signed.  As in they are getting up from the closing table.  Short sweet, congrats yet another happy client and then you see them shake hands and smile.  I can picture it.  25 second, infomercial if you will. Have everyone sign whatever waiver needed, the idea that I point out is that will generate that movement, that raving fan base to engage in your companies social media.  And create authority at the same time.

One of the biggest fears of all is the “presentation”.  A lot of the business is done over the phone now days, so some get to hide behind the phone line.  It’s when you stick your neck out and do video, or live presentations (go live during a test drive you car sales guys) or record a short testimonial for marketing purposes.  The fear of public speaking is over, you either have to get into it or have your email marketing slowly DIE in it’s open rate.  This is how you develop a raving fan base, testimonials in the form of social proof, and be seen as a guru in anything.  It’s marketing 101.  Then through not only helping clients solve problems and fulfill a need, they can show case their talent and be seen as a GURU.

Haha, I’m typing this and the Hardcore Closer guy goes live…lol That’s branding folks.

The idea is the same as me picking the picture above, to show social proof.  Nobody believes you are a guru unless they see the proof.  Nobody follows your company unless you post content and do it consistently.  And post good content that can be used.  Some of the best companies creating social movements include some that I’ve worked at, from UWM to Quickenloans.  I see Movement Mortgage in there too, great branding going on.  However, where’s the videos, where’s the raving fan bases at?  Each Loan Officer out there should have a fan page (with their NMLS number on it) and be creating their own raving fan base.  Are you creating your own raving fan base? (question of the day)

More Mortgage Juice to come, let me ask you, what are your pains right now?  What do you experience as the biggest headache right now in the mortgage industry?  (Is it service? Is it lead gen?  Is it getting a CD out?  What?)  Let me know in the comments.  I’ll make a video of potential solutions on your pains next week.

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-The Mortgage Juiceman





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