Success gravitates towards speed

You know what’s funny.  Is I’ve done this several times in my professional marketing and sales career where I just totally “burst” with success as a result of my actions.  Like the feeling of that first sales job where you put your head down and have a burst of energy that leads to your launch.  Whatever, launch that may be.  It’s absolutely like an airplane taking off.  That arch of a half pipe in the X games.  A burst of energy is what launches you.

From recruiting to sales in B2B where that relationship is based on a reoccurring sale and service provided, the bulk of your “business” pipeline is broken down to a handful of prime accounts.  The 80/20 rule.  80% of the business is generated by 20% of the accounts.  Same with the source of where that business is coming from.  80% of the business is generated by the top 20% of the sales force.  So what makes the difference?

Speed!  I am sure of it.  If you know me I’m the guy you would think is drinking red bull all day.  Totally a “BURST” of energy.  Especially when starting something new or beginning a new marketing campaign.  I used to love when a mortgage company would come out with something new.  I remember being in several positions when the “product” just came out.  And the “burst” of energy upfront from all the sales people generated a lot of momentum.

That is called “taking off”.  The arch I was talking about.  And if you come in to win it like it’s your first 30-60-90 days and really put forth effort.  You will see some form of success.  Success gravitates toward Speed.  And if you apply this to your ventures, your marketing strategy, culture and sales efforts, you will see success.

Not long ago I had a big “burst” of energy where I signed up a bunch of wholesale accounts all at once.  Then that burst helped me service those accounts and generate a revolving 20-30 Million dollar pipeline monthly.  What made me sustain that success over longer periods of time than most is that energy I would turn on and off.  Like an airplane, you back off the throttle when you get to a certain point and then service it.  Even put it on autopilot.  lol  Means alot in that analogy with today’s auto-responders.  As I look back at it, it was a small, 30-60-90 day plan that I kept pushing myself to do.  I used to write quarterly reports and in it always placed my schedule.  I blocked my time.  And each quarter I shifted WHERE I HAD MY ENERGY SPENT.  I spent time focusing on training others at certain segments in time in both my retail and wholesale experience.   I spent certain times focused soley on continued education or expanding my product knowledge.  I spent certain time focusing on prospecting and at certain times was sourcing additional business.  By doing this in little bursts of energy and focus on different aspects of my business, I was always one of the most consistent guys.  Maybe not 1 or 2, but always in the top 10 or 20 in production and falling into the top 20% tier.  In all of the sales I’ve done.  Analyzing how I did it, made me realize, it was a consistent drive of “bursts” of energy on any one focus in my business.

Speed generates success, when success is gravitating towards speed.  When that burst is diversified to accompany various aspects of whatever you do.  Over as period of time, that 30 day plan to work on one aspect is a bigger 60 day plan that comes to life.  And the final 90 days of that period is where you would identify as the launch.  I bet most reading this that are top performers can relate to what I’m saying.  They can remember a “burst” of activity they did at one time or another that generates 80% of their business or relationships.  Funny I’ve done this same thing when I originated loans.  I look back at all the times there was any awards won or testimonials or stories that stick out in my sales career.  In each that I remember there was a “burst” or take off moment that is momentum that creates more momentum.  The saying the best time to sell something is when you just sold something.  Couldn’t be more true for most sales people.  Just some fail to bring that energy when it would’ve counted.  They never “launched”.  And in the cases where I sold the most and saw the most success I can always remember an energy about me.  So I try to come with it daily.  He we are on the last day of Jan 2017, you going to have momentum to burst into February? How bout your goals this month, did you put in enough energy to hit them?

Mr Motivator today

The JUICE is Loose

-The Mortgage Juiceman


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