Two for Tuesday!

Yep there coming back, and next week the new video’s start.  Want to see a cheat sheet for DTI associated with FHA loans.  Click the link below.  While I made the video a year ago, the same concepts still apply.  Plus DU was just reprogrammed again.  Give your feedback on what DTI is giving as results, is it more sensitive to DTI in 2017 already?  QM exemption is coming to an end for GSE’s. And during the Trump reign we’ll see GSE’s have to conform to the 43% rule.  Remember they were only exempt for 7 years when it all started.  That means more scrutiny to DTI in the near future.  Great idea to start conforming and not just over extending your pre-approval letters to the max.  Make it so clients can buy a house and live.  #ThemortgageJuiceman


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