My Why

Someone asked me why am I doing this Mortgage Juiceman thing yesterday.  I will tell you why. Something about me being hearing impaired and the correlation of always being the most consistent sales person on the phone.  I pushed beyond more obstacles than most others right off the back as I’m challenged to really focus on hearing.  Just that simple act propels the many whys I have.  It fuels the energy inside of me that desires to know more, and help others. For me my why is fueled by something deep inside me that wants & desires to help others learn how to sell.  My passion for sharing success with others and ability to identify marketing opportunities and help others take advantage of them enhanced with my experience.  Something about the inherent feeling you get when you help a mortgage close, directly or indirectly, you helped someone become a home owner, or save a few hundred dollars a month.  It’s because there’s a bigger picture here.  A bigger calling that I’ve not yet experienced, I know it, and this will lead me to it.

It’s because I share guideline advice and best practices to help the masses construct and do the right things in the mortgage world.  It’s because I offer products that are unique and intentionally are providing value to my network.  It’s because I have had the opportunity to go through trainings and be coached and mentored by some of the best people in the industry in the past.  And now I share that knowledge.  It’s because I have a knack at reading the guidelines and being able to translate lending law in common knowledge and help others actually enforce it.  It’s because it’s a way to give back.

I do have a second sales book I’m going to publish this year.  The first one you can access by going here; “Persuasion as an Art”.  It’s because I have a sales training on relationship sales that will help others sell more of what they got.  It’s because of the long lasting relationships in B2B sales that has helped me cope, grow and get through the best and worst times in my career.  It’s because I know there’s a bigger calling for me to help those in the sales arena of Mortgages among other things.

It’s because I have 4 kids and wife that I love dearly and they all depend on me.  It’s because not to long ago I had everything aligned right, however stopped branding me.  And in the end didn’t end up being the opportunity of alignment I thought.  As a result, I know I will diversify my income many ways in the future.  You should too, and not just have one income source.  It’s because I’m the captain of my ship, and I will brand me, the mortgage Juiceman over any company for as long as I’m in the industry.  It’s because by branding and leveraging relationships and following trends is what makes dollars and sense in business.

You’re reading this, you must admit I’m on to something here with this whole Mortgage Juiceman thing.  I’ve been already told, “glad to see you back.”  I don’t know what it will become.  But I know it’s not going away.  And I know I will pour my heart out to align myself and my brand to help ALL of those that are in my network.  If you do mortgages, if you underwrite mortgages, if you process mortgages, heck if your in relationship sales in any way shape or form.  Pharmaceutical reps, other wholesale reps, account executives in any fashion of B2B sales, loan originators, branch managers, my intent is add value for you.  And I will.  I will help you know relationship sales tricks & tips, guidelines for mortgages and anything related to the next generation of “trends” that are to follow and help you as a tool to sell.  There is something so gratifying about being a mentor and coach, especially when it helps someone grow their business.

I know this, if I continue to align myself with great mentors, trade tricks and information that helps me have a competitive edge (from products and services) I will see success.  And that success to me is the positive stories I’ve heard, the testimonials of happy clients and of course more closed sales (loans).  I am all about impacting small businesses across the America, I’ve been doing this for a decade.  And in the process have helped brokers whom where on the verge of closing their doors, come back and build a profitable mortgage company.  All through marketing ideas and intentional actions to partner, advertise and grow a business.

Most of what I do with my current clients is free, like a consulting service for the broker’s of America that are looking for ways to fill their pipeline.  And of those that partner with me all I ask is small piece of the pie if I help them make their own pie.  I’ve been partnering with brokers all across the US for a long time now.  And no matter what company I aligned myself with, it was the relationships that made the difference.  I can teach others how to create a raving fan base, and have marketing campaigns that have low out of pocket costs and a high return on investment.  To even public paid advertising that has high rates of return.  I help others create these campaigns when broker’s partner with me.  That in turn helps them drum up more business.  I do this free, and then ask that partner to fund a few loans with me.

That’s always been my pitch, I rarely ever just came to the table asking for business, I came to the table adding value and truly partnering with my network.  That’s why I do the Mortgage Juiceman thing.  That’s where this is going.  I’ve done public speaking and sales conference calls to pump up wholesale account executives to loan officers in a mortgage company.  I help motivate, I help others make an impact.  And this is a great vehicle to help me do it for the masses.  I’ve been told that my positive quotes I do and motivational talk has helped others when they were down on luck.  Or seeing a sales slump, and something I said or did or painted a picture of helped them climb out of that.  That’s why I do this Mortgage Juiceman thing.  You know what it stands for?

Join Us In Creating Excitement *(JUICE).  So I’m the join us in creating excitement about mortgages guy.  The I gotta guy question guy.  Where others come to have me help them structure and know how to pitch a deal to the client.  What options are best, and how it could impact them.  And help loan originators change and structure a loan (sometimes to save it) to help the end goal.  A happy client.  Let’s me ask you, do you know someone in the mortgage industry? Help me spread the word and have other know the JUICE in the mortgage industry.  Invite them to the group we have for mortgages: Sales Talk with Mortgage Pro’s.  Lot’s of great information being shared.  Invite them to this blog, follow and better yet reach out and become a partner with me.

I look forward to adding value to you, partner or not, share, interact, like, repeat!  My goal is to impact the world of lending and mortgages.  I look forward to having fun, and encourage you to Join Us In Creating Excitement.

My Legacy (published in my book 10 years ago);

“I am the possibility of others living the life they desire; through positive thinking, dreaming big, having blind faith and in the pursuit of sharing success with others.”

The Mortgage Juiceman





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