Making resources to help sales people

Right now in the market place of trainers, if a sales person wanted to seek training, or additional education to help themselves generate more business the options are endless.  Almost too many, in fact it’s somewhat confusing.  Who do you listen too for sales tips?  Who would teach the best most innovative way to take sales up a notch?  Who’s the most impact-full coach or mentor?  When seeking additional tools, how do you know which one’s are “worth it”?

Seriously, never have I ever had a corporate “training” or “sales event” make a difference unless that content was paid for.  You can only get so much “free” content that will help you go forward in the world of sales.  That’s because the field of marketing and selling is always changing.  I’ve seen lot’s of trainers in action in my career in sales and not one person that ever made an impact wasn’t paid for.  It was always a special speaker, or a guest, or an outside source that I paid for directly, that made me better at my craft of sales.  You have to do this if your top 20% producer.  You must invest in yourself to learn more, about prospecting, advertising, handling objections or closing. Some aspect of your business I encourage you to invest in yourself.

Sales people often times are not one’s to ask for help unfortunately.  And if they “think” they need help, they will typically seek an outside source.  Someone they don’t know, or is recommended to them.  Or they find in a Google search.  I think there is a need for this, a hub of resources for sales pro’s.  A solution that’s the JUICE of all sales training’s.  Who can Join Us In Creating Excitement?  Who is the best sales trainer out right then when your asking?  Who to seek training with to learn lead generation, or whom makes the best websites for mortgage pro’s.  Who specializes in live lead transfers that are legit?  Which CRM’s (and other tools) are made for mortgage pro’s best?  A hub that will guide those with a fire to achieve in all the right directions.  I see a need for this, with so much saturation in the market of guru’s, there no third party that sources who is who, or what specialty is taught more at one persons training versus another.  A third voice that helps highlight those sales training’s that are “worth it”.  If you can’t hire Tony Robbin’s, who’s the next best pick?  Who could have the most sales impact?

I aim to be a helpful resource for all those reading daily, and will actively seek to answer some of these questions to help guide others out there seeking to be better at sales.. Sometimes I will share sales tips, or tricks or objection responses.  Sometimes my content could be about mortgage guidelines or lead generation opportunities.  I will actively look to recommend others I learned from or would learn from to help all those in sales.  I aim to fill my blog posts and videos with content you can use and apply.  I am actively looking for opportunity to help others grow, and I will promote others that have tools to help you achieve the end goal.  A sale!

I will also surround myself with power players in the world of sales on purpose.  From that I learn what is working and what is not. I encourage you to do the same.  And in my sphere’s of influence have best practices that are shared.  As a recommendation here’s a group that shares a lot of this knowledge for those in the mortgage industry; Sales Talk with Mortgage Pro’s

Asking a probing question below, I encourage you to share your thoughts so I can make recommendations in future articles on whom to seek knowledge from.  What tools are best to have, and how to generate more leads to make more sales, as some of the topics ahead.   So what’s most important to you?

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