Monday Motivation – Power Moves

You got one I know you do.  Almost all top sales people have one.  It’s a POWER MOVE.  And you should have one.  Some people use it to start their day, a stretch, or a cup of coffee (COFFEE is for CLOSERS), or some routine in the morning that helps them get in the right mindset.

Some have a power move through the day or when they see success.  I suggest this, in my videos you see me clap my hands at the beginning.  That’s a power move I have.  When I originated loans at Quicken back in the day, we had a big cow bell on the floor, and when you got a “book back” we would ring it!  It created excitement and everyone on the floor cheered or clapped.  It was something done while on the phone and others could purposely hear it.  That was more of a sales floor power move, and every person wanted to ring the bell.

Personally I have had a power move when I got a yes of spinning the chair around once, standing up and clapping once and then dialing another lead.  I suggest you develop a power move, any POWER MOVE can work.  Some just have their “special pen” they write with and I’ve seen some play with those little squishy balls on their desk.  Develop something is what I suggest.  And then do that power move this afternoon.

Remember the best time to get another “yes” is right after you got one.  Do your power move in-between them is my suggestion.  Do your power move when you get 3 no’s in row.  Do your power move at 2:30pm when your eyes are heavy.  It helps, and it can be a catapult to help you gain momentum in your day.

Silly?  No, not really, they’ve been around for a long time.  And is all about finding one that you do, that helps your mindset.  Then display it today.  If you don’t have one, make a new one up.  You’ll be glad you did.  (Spin the chair around, you know you want too)

No matter what it is, ringing a bell when you gain a client, clapping, jumping, spinning around in your chair, do something today and everyday that can be your POWER MOVE.  Or develop a new one as a call to action from Monday’s Motivation.  It could be just the “move” that helps you.  🙂


-The Mortgage Juiceman

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