Weekend Call to Action – The JUICEman asks for your help!

This weekends call to action I have to ask that my network help me.  I’m setting the foundation right now, and Broker’s across the US are partnering with me to help them close more loans.  I have a want to diversify my presence in many different states across the US.  And I need to ask you for your help.  Please, Share, Interact, LIKE and repeat!! I say this at the end of every video, but today, I am asking for referrals to great mortgage Broker’s that you may know.  Refer them to the Mortgage Juiceman, and I will be the best Account Executive they’ve had in a long time.  I helping structure loans, close home loans, and ultimately gain more business.  Thanks for your help in advance!  #JoinUsInCreatingExcitement (JUICE) #SellWell

**PS, don’t forget to ask your own network for referrals this weekend. 🙂

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