Weekend Call to Action – Share Content

TGIF – The Grind Includes Friday.  Hope the month end was good.  Now is the time to start making a difference for your RE partners and other pillars as the summer is about to heat up.  What I suggest is a strategic way to gain reach, as well as help your pillars with marketing.  If I was an LO, I would only network with RE Agents and other pillars that have fan pages.  When they post good content and articles I would “share” it onto my page.  That way I would be increasing their exposure, and all their followers see my fan page.  (tag them in the share).  This also is helpful in making your fan page more interactive.  Set yourself up for success.  If your not using social media to gain business your missing the boat.  #WeekendCall2Action




**PS, I’m helping my Brokers in my network know how to do this, for both organic and paid reach on a fan page.  It’s doubled some of their business.  I’m open for new partnerships, call me.

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