Monday Motivation – The new LO toolkit

I was asked, “what training’s would you recommend a new LO?” last week.  So I put together the ultimate list of who to follow, what training’s to take, and what technology to buy.  For those looking to join the mortgage industry, or those in it, not doing so well.  Start joining these groups, following these people, taking these training’s and start using these tools!  #NewLOtoolkit


Here’s some back-links to start;

  1. Sales-Fu Dojo (Sundance Brennan) –
  2. Millionaire Loan Officer Training –
  3. Mortgage Coach –
  4. Better Loan Officers –
  5. VA Military Mortgage Boot Camp –
  6. Perfect LO application –
  7. Pre-App 1003 –
  8. The Break Free Academy Entourage – Break Free Academy Entourage Sign up
  9. The mortgage JUICEman – The Mortgage Juiceman Site

If you all have any suggestions on training’s feel free to comment.  #SellWell

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