Two for Tuesday – I ♥ Texas – Special “h”

Affected by a natural disaster?  Unfortunately for TX, there was one recent incident that may make this special “h” program very popular.  FHA 203h, designed to help anyone that is affected by a natural disaster.  Including renters!

Who’d thought a natural disaster can be ploy to actually pull renters into homeownership with options that once didn’t exist.  What a great way to stimulate an affected local economy.  I’m all for it.  And can’t wait, to #help.  God Bless the great State of Texas!  I ♥ you all.  Stay safe, and when the storm passes, I participate in doing this loan.  I can refer you to the best mortgage broker’s in your area.  Broker’s partner with a lender that cares, and offers the special “h” program offered by FHA.  It’s a great way to market yourself in helping your local area.  #SellWell

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