Two for Tuesday – Application Guidelines

#TwoforTuesday – Application guidelines today! And a cheat sheet for FHA UFMIP refunds!  Got to ♥ it! Lender paid and Borrower paid I will be posting more of and how you Broker’s can WIN every deal no matter what any direct lender gives the client.

As a mortgage Broker owner, you should know how to go both ways, Borrower paid or Lender paid.  If done correctly, you can effectively meet and beat any offer any “bank” gives your client.  Rates are Rates, and more and more clients realize that there are combinations of rates and fees that go into loans.  (well more LO’s are teaching this now more than ever before – Great work)

When a client asks for ARM pricing (Adjustable Rate Mortgage) you as an LO, must show certain things to them upon “Interest” and or applying for an ARM loan.  Great Application guidelines to know! #Checkitout ↓

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#SELLWELL – How did I forget to say that – 🙂   #StilllookingforBrokers


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