Whacked Out Wednesday – Not always what it seems!

#WhackedOutWednesday – No, not everything is always what it seems! It is “whacked out” sometimes.  For example, depending on where you are in the Nation, Zillow house values can be 10,000 less than what they say your house is worth, or 20.000 more!  Credit Karma is another example, they show you a 680 FICO but that is really your “educational score” not your consumer debt score.  It’s typically 50 points lower.

This applies to business in my ways, especially if you are an LO whom gives leads to your referral partners.  Are you actively following up to ensure that partner is calling those leads?  How do you track that they actually are helping you?  Or what about documents, like credit, and paycheck stubs, you know those have an expiration date?

How about HOI, this one is really “whacked out”, if I have HOI coverage in a file and the loan doesn’t close in this calendar month and rolls over to the 1st of next month, the lender won’t accept insurance effective on the 30th? It has to be effective the same month the loan closes!  Here’s another good one, title work, why is it that fee’s change based on loan amount! You quote fees on a +/- 250k transaction just because the loan amount goes up by 1k or something the fees should change! (there should be a tolerance rule to this, like plus or minus 10k fees stay the same).

Bottom line is there are a ton of moving parts in mortgages, and each from credit, to appraisals, to HOI, these moving parts through out the working of putting together a mortgage need your help.  “Whacked Out” or not, YOU are the missing link.  The more educated you are on each of these topics as an LO, the better you get at putting together loans.  When was the last time YOU read an appraisal report, or title report?  Did you just forward to your processor and let them send it in?  (WHACKED OUT)

Knowing what to do when, and if this, then that is key to doing mortgages in bulk for sure.  And as an AE that’s my job to help.  Sometimes people don’t know when to do what, but if your not sure, ASK!!!!!! #SellWell #Silencekillsdeals (now that’s Whacked Out)

Stop being mediocre and start stepping up your game.  I can show you how to do more loans in so many ways.  I even help others not even in my lender roster! (not whacked out)  If you are looking for an AE that can help you put together loans, get them done, and help you with generating more deals in many ways, then reach out.  I am seeking action takers!  #ActionJackson Fill in the below form, I’ll call you right away! Let’s go, lets make 2018 your best year yet!  Broker or Banker, doesn’t matter I can help the VP/CEO or the LO individually! What’s stopping you? – Fill in below ↓

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