Weekend Call to Action – Segmentation (VA Loans) – Happy Veterans Day

#WeekendCalltoAction – This weekend if you write loans, the number one thing I would do is campaign for VA loans!  Heck I would’ve done that all week long, but that’s just me.  When it comes to loans, segment!  And USE these HOLIDAYS to help you! There’s nothing wrong with that, why not thank a VET and help them get into a home with NO MONEY DOWN!!!?

You see this is called planned MARKETING – And if your not doing it your missing the boat!  BIG TIME!  I can teach anyone that wants to know how to start with social media to learn to do these things! I teach LO’s how to segment and advertise on a business fan page on Facebook to gain free leads.  Meaning without having to do a paid ad or facebook funnel advertising.  If you’re not leveraging social media as I mentioned earlier in the week, click here – we can get you started!

What I suggest is that you do some educational tips for VA loans and mention a guideline on your page! Do a video even as a tribute to Vets in the local area.  If you had already an organic presence on social media I can plug you in with PAID ADVERTISING DONE FOR YOU SOLUTIONS! (And target all the VFW Halls in your area, or Military bases near you) Click here if you have a marketing budget to buy leads.  STOP BUYING LEADS and start your own machine that can help you create leads.  There’s a BIG difference between buying leads, and having the ability to create your own exclusive leads!  This is where it’s at – Paid ads.  I graduate my students from free ads to paid ads.  Most small broker’s don’t have a budget for immediate marketing funnel results.

Again what I suggest, is that you take advantage of the month of November and aim to direct all marketing to segment VA loans as a whole.  PS – My lender is like 4th in the Nation for VA rates :)!!  We have minimal overlays and I’m always building my network of Mortgage Brokers to help get these loans done.  My underwriting team rocks!


I grow my lists this time of the year because I earn my right to stay in lending rosters across the Nation with small banks, credit unions and mortgage broker’s that need great service, rates, and a responsive AE to help them.  My specialty, I help my partners actually drum up loans.  #WeekendCalltoAction – I just don’t ask “what’s on the corner of your desk?”!   If you like the idea of having a wholesale/non-del REP that can help you actually grow your business, teach your sales team to sell and structure loans, my forte’ is getting loans done.  (Difficult one’s too)  *Heck I coined the “I gotta guy” questions.  Let’s rock, stop procrastinating, let’s work together!  I’ll email you a Broker Package or a Non-Del package after you fill in below.  #SellWell


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