Weekend CALL to Action – Social Selling Tip

#WeekendCALLtoAction – Social selling tip today for all you LO’s reading and watching my videos.  Exploding in traction is a direct result of your actions.  If you pound the phones someone will call you back, if you network large enough (go wide) someone will give you a shot!  If you perform social selling acts DAILY you will be seen!  It’s all about consistency.

And all you have to do is start with the right places.  Here’s the tip and the #WeekendCALLtoAction – On Facebook this weekend, click HOME at the top blue bar.  On the far left side, scroll down until you see the work EXPLORE! Then right under that is the first option that says PAGES – CLICK IT!   Then at the top you will see several “tabs” and one of them is INVITES and probably has a RED number next to it.  Looks something like this;  invites

CLICK THAT! There you will find a ton of your friends that have PAGES that have invited you to “like” them and you haven’t done so yet!  I bet you may have some referral partners or Pages you’ve done business with in the last 12 months that you haven’t engaged with them yet!   START SOCIAL SELLING PEOPLE!!

Engage with others and use these “pages” to help you gain referrals.  Infact you can use this strategy to sell “backwards” and you could look up a potential referral partner’s page and then like it.  Then go find out whom owns the page by scrolling around and ultimately finding whom controls the page.  Fairly easy to do if you put your detective hat on.  Then Friend that person on your personal profile, engage with them.  Make a comment on a post etc.  A few days later call them up.  You’ll turn a complete COLD call into a warm conversation.  This is a great way to start networking and using SOCIAL SELLING TO DO IT!

Have fun, and #SellWell

If you want to learn how to step up your game and get into a routine weekly that can help you gain more referrals and leads FREE right on Facebook or any other social platform.  I have a program that I put together that helps others transform their social selling and gain a ton of traction increasing their business online.  Like actually gain leads FREE! Yep, it’s called the BLUEPRINT!  – A step by step guide that can help you bring your business to life online.  Just about everyone that has gone through this is using these strategies on an on-going basis and gaining more exposure, relevancy and reach as a result.  And the real results of that become more loans.  So if you’re not actively gaining leads online, I can show you how!  Without spending a dime!


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