Two for Tuesday – Get DPA list here!

#TwoforTuesday – An announcement from Fannie & Freddie and a website to look up DPA’s in your local area! A great resource!  Quick hint on tips for LO’s to boost listings that are REO’s from HUD or FNMA as well! If you know more about that let me know.  Someone brought it up I was talking too and seems like a great idea for easy leads for an LO!

1st, is the announcement!  Fannie and Freddie are both suspending evictions for foreclosures during the Holiday’s.  (thanks Guys!) 🙂

2nd, a great resource was found doing some research the other day and wanted to help you LO’s be able to utilize this.  It’s a list of local DPA’s that you can look up in any state.  You can see if your borrower is eligible as well it looks like.  Definitely check that out!

If you are looking to increase your online social selling for 2018, I can provide the BLUEPRINT to help you gain more referral partners and FREE leads on Social Media! I even have a group now for those that have done the BLUEPRINT and provide posts and campaigns to help LO’s with ongoing weekly campaigns.  There are several others in here that are helping provide posts that you can #Copy #Paste #Post and #Profit from!  My goal is to help as many LO’s double their business as possible in 2018!

Want to join in on the fun? Get the BLUEPRINT here!

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