Thursday’s Thoughts – Create goals or Action plans?

#ThursdaysThoughts – Have you thought about your goals for 2018 yet?  How about your management, have they asked you about this yet?  It’s all fine and dandy to write down you will do 100 Million or something like that as results, but the real secret sauce to obtaining those goals is writing an ACTION PLAN to hit them.  Yep, I wonder how some are going to “hit” these goals they speak of without a social media presence or plan of attack at least.

For the longest time in the wholesale world I’ve helped LO’s and Broker’s create campaigns to source business.  It was the “how” to help them get a loan in the door.  Now this year I opened this skill of mine to help others not in my network.  The social media BLUEPRINT I have has helped others “stay” in business.  Results are a aftermath of the action plan put to work.  Do you have an action plan yet?

If not, I’m available to help you create campaigns to drive business and build branding in 2018 for you planners out there!  One thing I’m certain of, the more people I help, the better results I have.  My action plan is to go wide fast, I want to help LO’s all across the nation, I want to provide added value for the community of LO’s that want action steps to help them achieve their goals.  It all starts with my BLUEPRINT I’ve put together to help others.  Whatever you do, do a “Power Move” to help you get on track!

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