Two for Tuesday – Installment and Revolving accounts!

#TwoforTuesday – So many people fall into this trap and attempt to qualify a client with 10 payments or less and omit that debt.  Make sure you do make sure that the payment is 5% or less of the overall income of the borrower.  If it is, and has 10 months or less that’s when you can omit that debt.  Revolving accounts that are paid off monthly are also a good one, yes, you can omit those.  As long as you can prove that every single month for the last 12 months the client paid off, completely.

Still looking for a launch into the new year?  I have some really good stuff going on behind the scene’s and am helping broker’s and LO’s get mega leads online for FREE!

Yep FREE, while paying for ads is great, and where the “numbers” are, there is an art to this online stuff.  If you have a poor organic campaign, and you attempt to run ads, well you better know stuff about optimization because your ad just might have limited results.  You see this is taught in the marketing books, you should have an “push” and a “pull” campaign working hand in hand.  When you do that results are inevitable.  My suggestion – Get the #BLUEPRINT into action.

It’s an organic marketing campaign management that you can do weekly, daily or monthly that increases your reach, relevancy and results.  And is FREE ladies and gents.  If you implement it on an on-going basis there is no reason social media won’t generate you leads weekly – FREE!  Here it is already, stop procrastinating, it’s not expensive at all, and positions you to win in many ways.  (not 1000’s of dollars like a paid campaign) – In fact in my opinion, it’s a stepping stone to get to paid ads.  If you want stellar results that is.  –

The Blueprint – Ultimate Facebook Fan page Marketing campaign guide ↓

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