Two for Tuesday – JUICY List Week

#TwoforTuesday – CRM’s and Title companies both in the mortgage industry you can’t live without! Plus a third bonus for you in commercial sales today!  Today I am looking for more input, suggestions and recommendations from you -My readers! Please message me or make a comment – Thanks to those that did yesterday!

CRM conversations inside the group, Sales Talk with Mortgage Pro’s on Facebook seem to get a ton of comments and interaction.  There’s always a new one it seems coming out.  Functionality that changes, programs that can be embedded etc.  We do have a list of CRM’s, and one that has been a go to for a year.  LoanTek is a great CRM for those in the mortgage industry, and have been on the JUICY List for a year.  Definitely check them out!

Title companies are also a must have in your back pocket as a LO.  There are so many great title companies Nationwide, do you have a favorite?  Let’s hear about it! We have a great Title company that has been on the JUICY List for a year as well, CLA Title and Escrow.  Great group of people that get the job done.  Highly suggested for use!

As always #SellWell

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