Thursdays Thoughts – How’s your SEO?

#ThursdaysThoughts – Today you should do as I suggest in the video and search your key words.  Do you show up?  Most people don’t utilize this tool enough, some overdue it.  There is a finesse in using this, and these go great with active campaigns any marketing department would have.

If you do an employee giveback event, or an event for your community or charity, hashtag that phrase or word that best describes it.  Pound sign, number sign, hashtag, whatever you know it by, then type the word.  It’s that simple.  SEO on social media is free, easy to use and understand.  All you need to do is use key words you want to show up in searches for with a little consistency.   Thursday’s thoughts are – where is your SEO at, have you searched your relevancy lately?  How’s your SEO? ↓

I help mortgage companies create social media campaigns all the time now.  I’m officially a digital strategist that helps you make campaigns to source business.  That’s how I build a pipeline with Broker’s, by not only knowing guidelines and asking what’s on the corner of your desk? – But by rather helping my clients source business.  I do this as a partnership to my brokers.  My goal is to help your company grow, in social presence to current marketing campaigns, that way you can do more business, recruit more LO’s and grow a brand.  Why not partner up with me? – I’m taking on new relationships with mortgage Broker’s all across the US now.  #LetsDoBusiness

As Always – #SellWell

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