Weekend Call to Action – Try this exercise

#TGIF It’s the #WeekendCalltoAction – Do this exercise I suggest.  The idea is to get out of your comfort zone, do a little research in your own backyard.  And then on the way to get something from the store you make a stop to say hi and network really quick.  Plan this out and you will make the most effective use of your time.

I’ve talked about this before and can say it works.  Not only from past doing, but those that have come back to me to say they did it.  Use a little creativity, but the overall goal is to make it so you are not driving from one side of town to the next and stay within a 2 mile radius of where you live.

I love giving suggestions to help others gain business, online and off, my goal is to partner with enough “hungry” Broker’s to close loans.  These weekend call to action video’s are just a taste, I help my Broker’s create active marketing plans with ton’s of different types of campaigns in them.  Most that implement double or triple their business.  Sound like something you want to do?  Grow your mortgage company with me, sign up below! ↓

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