Two for Tuesday – Throwback week

#TwoforTuesday – This one is almost a year old as well.  I ♥ guidelines.  Funny a year later here we are accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment as well.  This is back when verbal VOE’s were updated at the beginning of last year.  Even a bonus guideline in this episode.

Look I do these for fun, to make our roles in the mortgage industry less stressful and to pass on best practices and helpful guidelines that you can use.  What I do for a passion is help other people close more loans.  I do this many ways, but it all comes back to my support staff.  The team I have behind me.  No matter what I do, I try to align myself with the best teams that can make an impact to your files.  Second, I learn, invest, and master marketing campaigns that are successful to help you increase your business.  And I have a 3 day workshop that can turn the way you view social selling completely around.

The Blueprint – Ultimate Facebook Fan page Marketing campaign guide.  A three day workshop that will increase your reach, relevancy and results.
As Always #SellWell


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