Whacked Out Wednesday – Throwback Week!


Yet another #Throwback today, #WhackedOutWednesday! – It’s the beginning of #SocialSellingwithShawn almost a year ago.  I’ve done a lot in the last year to create content and help others, the biggest thing I did was take massive action on social to experiment.  Social selling is an art, and for those that use it right develop strong relationships with their clients.  If your an Account Executive or LO or B2B sales, this is all part of the prospecting and selling you should do.

Its whacked out seriously for those that say they are in sales, but make it difficult to get a hold of.  If you’re social selling and don’t have phone numbers in your profile or ways to get a hold of you, change that, you’ve already missed a lead.  I’ve said this ton’s of times.  Another piece of advice is not everyone is on one platform over the other.  Some might be more on LinkedIn and others Facebook or Instagram.  Make sure you look for your prospects and existing clients on social and connect with them.  Interact with them (on the channel they prefer), and provide value on that platform they will see! It’s easier to make a cold call, warm that way without ever talking to them first.

One of the biggest tips I can give you LO’s is use “Pages” inside of your Facebook and Instagram to find “business pages” of partners in your area.  You will find lawyers, doctors, divorce attorneys, builders, RE Agents, you name it.  You just have to search for them, like and interact with them, and then call.  This is a technique I would be using to follow up with leads as well.  (I do) The secrets out ya’ll, if you don’t use Facebook and other social platforms to do your research on someone, you’re missing the boat.



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