Weekend Call to Action – Throwback Week!

#ThrowbackWeek has been a success, what a great week on the blog.  I didn’t even post on facebook the video’s this week (I will today) and it was great.  What’s funny is just like today’s video even from 12-11 months ago each video still applies.  Today’s WEEKEND CALL TO ACTION is perfect.  I highly suggest you start thinking of “cash out” and whom you can network with to get cash out.  The idea is to think outside the box.

Deck companies, excavating company perhaps, maybe a fence company a builder or construction crew.  Get these types of companies to know you can help their clients get the cash to pay them.  🙂   Having a purchase pipeline is a must, but having a good mix of cash-out loans in the middle of the summer is icing on the cake for your pipeline.  My suggestion, start thinking “cash-out” this weekend and make a list of companies or people to reach out to next week.  Start now, don’t wait.

Just like RIGHT now is the time for setting up new lending relationships.  What I do for my broker’s is above and beyond the call of duty.  I help my broker’s that want to strategize with me on how to source more business in their area.  I help them on and off social media to source business with various campaigns.  All I ask is for a few loans in the process! Want a true business partner this year, that helps you with lead generation, recruiting, advertising and marketing, guidelines and closings loans?  #LetsDoBusiness has been my new hashtag online this month.  I am building out relationships here in the beginning of the year and want to impact as many as I can.  If your a broker, let’s work together to grow your company!

As always #SellWell

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