Weekend Call to Action – Do this!

#WeekendCalltoAction – #TGIF – Ya’ll! Hope the week was good for you.  I have to bring light to something as I see a lot of people “Grinding” and when there is a pattern of others getting burnt out, I have to say something.  This weekend, put a few business cards in your pocket, and go out and enjoy your family.  Do something to enjoy the people, and pets that you work so hard for.

I typically give out ideas to help you source business of Friday, but noticed a few things, and even had a personal friend fall very ill this past week.  Preserve your youth, your health and your family.  Enjoy them this weekend, take your dog for a walk or kids to the movies.  Do something that helps you energize for next week.  That’s my weekend call to action.  It of course doesn’t hurt to leave a few business cards behind somewhere or pass them out to an overheard conversation you might encounter.  But the point is enjoy whom you work so hard for.  In the mortgage industry I know people work hard and play hard, go out and do something fun for yourself.

While your relaxing this weekend, feel free to complete that Broker Package to sign up to work with me.  Technically you can #TryBeforeYouSignUp, so if you have a file, and want to experience the stellar service we’re about, hit me up! I will send you a #Ratesheet and a #Submissionform —  #SellWell

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