Tuesdays Tip – Guideline Awareness Week!

#TuesdaysTip – Will now be branded forever.  Complete with the way “Steve” used to wave at the camera.  Today I honor a colleague that left us too soon. Weather suicide or another factor, I don’t know the story, what I do know is this is something real.  If you don’t have the best of month in mortgages and or are thinking suicidial please reach out.  Do not let it build up inside you.  **Suicide Prevention Hotline** 1-800-273-8255 (Talk)

Today I go over guidelines for co-signed debts on both FHA and Conventional.  One allows that you can just prove the “other” party is paying the debt, the other needs that, and the “other” person on the original note.  #CheckitOut

To those that knew “Steve”, and to Friends and Family, I am sorry for your loss.  To those in the mortgage industry, I look to use my interactions with him as a catalyst to help others.  Any way I can I partner with people, even Steve, I talked about doing videos with.  I can partner with you as a broker or LO, to help you source more business.  The blueprint I have made makes impact and does wonders to your exposure and referral partner list.  Click here for the Blueprint – #SellWell


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