Weekend Call to Action – There’s GOLD in them lists!

#WeekendCalltoAction – There’s GOLD in them lists you develop! You have to go back and update them, add to them constantly, re-market them and stay in front of them!

If you’re in the mortgage industry for any length of time I’d suggest you go back through your lists and update them, reconnect and re-market your database.  A great in is to know or “remember’ what each person does, and that person may be able to open a new networking opportunity for you.  Even if it’s being the newest addition to some corporate benefits program at some corporate USA role your past client is at.  You’ll never know if you don’t market to them.

Especially those “self employed” borrowers and offering to help their employee’s get a home too! There’s GOLD in them lists, you just have to market to them with a little tenacity.  Consistency is key in everything, even email marketing.  There is definately something to be said about those that build and develop a list over time.  If you go back and maintain that list, add to it and retarget them periodically you will be surprised at what “bites” you get.  It may not be them looking, but it’s a great way to gain referrals and keep your name top of mind when it comes to home loans.

Hope you find some GOLD at the end of the rainbow too! Happy St. Patty’s day weekend ya’ll – #SellWell

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