Mondays Motivation – Strategy to get JUICY!

#MondaysMotivation – Join Us In Creating Excitement – With strategy to do it.  This week is strategy week, and I go over the JUICY LIST! A list of companies that are a part of a mortgage industry tool that can help you increase business.  Join Us In Creating Yes’s for your pipeline this week as I go over them.

I start off the week by going over the top three; Perfect LO application, 700 Credit Repair, and Card Tapp App.  I am also offering FREE STRATEGY CALLS to any LO that wants one.

For my Broker partners I do this all the time.  The worst thing I want to do as a #LenderRep (AE) is call an account and say, “what’s on the corner of your desk Bob”? Funny as it sounds, that’s the harsh reality.  I NEED MORE ACTION TAKERS! And train and give out ideas to help LO’s generate and source new business all the time.  I’m like a free consultant to any of my accounts that want to use me that way.  I help business build a #Brand.  If you want a free strategy call, to know more on how you could increase your business and brand awareness, CLICK HERE

Happy Monday


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