Mondays Motivation – Get converting those leads!

#MondaysMotivation – Last week we talked about gaining lead machines to help you have prospects to call.  This week we talk about converting those leads you have.  This is a social profile you obtain when you run Facebook ads.  So you should know how to social sell in order to be converting them at a higher level.  No doubt someone clicked on something that said they are interested – But wait the lead isn’t a lay down??

LOL… That’s the big misconception on how this all works.  You get a lead, and you need to follow up and probe for interest and action takers.  It’s a numbers game.  What a professional lead system does is help you build a list, the “Gold is in the follow up” to those lists.  Which is why automation machines and systems help with text messages to email drip campaigns.  But it doesn’t help “convert” prospects to a client.  You actually have to connect most of the time to do that.  Will you get a one off lead that jumps into your online app and fills it out, yeah probably over time.  But if your waiting for that to happen every time, you will be disappointed.

Converting online leads is a skill, you need to bring out the detective a little bit and research that “social profile” you have.  Look them up, poke them, call them, email them, text message them, find them on LinkedIn… See my point.  There’s several types of “ads” you could have, but if your after numbers in leads, then the buyer/seller type advertisement is key.  Everyone wants a home, no one wants a mortgage.  Sell accordingly, and get in front of the prospects that want the shiny object your selling.

As Always #SellWell

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