Weekend Call to Action – Realtor Survival Kit!

#WeekendCalltoAction – Realtor survival kit! One of the best ways to make a first impression is to offer help to the RE Agents if possible.  And in the past week, I’ve seen a few things that remind me that each RE Agent is open to having someone accompany them at an open house.  You just have to ask.  I bet you’d be surprised.  If you don’t get one that is open to having you, find a few that are having open houses and drop off a Realtor survival kit while they are there.  I promise they will remember you next week when you follow up!

2 minutes or less all week with the video’s.  It was great to go short and sweet, got a lot of views as a result too.  Are you doing video?  Might be a good idea to do in your follow up routine, send a text of a short video to your prospects.  Make your message a personable one.

WANT MORE IDEAS to grow your business?  We have a group for that – Mortgage Marketing Syndicates – For 9.97 a month starting in July you can obtain all types of ideas, pics, ad copy and things to do to pump up your pipeline.  We even hashtag #Copy #Paste #Post #Profit on posts you can use!

As Always – #SellWell

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