Thankful Thursday – The Big Announcement!

#ThankfulThursday – The Big Announcement is here!! – Ok, first things first, I am super grateful for the opportunity and have big hopes and aspirations around this.  The ops and management team are fantastic and really set the stage for continued growth.  Such a solid opportunity and timing is just right I felt.  So challenge accepted!

Now I get to do what I do best on another level! And that’s teach Account Executives wholesale sales! I will have a focus on helping AE’s grow their client base while training them to gain more business from active account relationships.

What I know for certain, is over the years I’ve built fantastic relationships and have rebuilt a pipeline many times over.  Now I get to help others learn to do just that.  I can’t wait to teach Account Executives how to grow wholesale sales!

The best part! – Is this is truly ground floor opportunity for growth to any new or experienced AE that starts now!  So starting today, I’m on the hunt for GRIT!  Those that have a need to achieve, a desire to be competitive and are optimistic in their approach to life! Here’s a short form for now, if you have GRIT – CLICK HERE For those of you AE’s interested that read my blog all the time, I will have the direct ability to train others to add a ton of value to their mortgage partnerships.  Let’s chat – Opportunity is knocking.


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